Custom Fixed Op Consulting Services

Through a unique combination of financial analysis, business consulting, process development, and hands-on training, the experts at Fixed Up Pro will improve your dealership’s fixed operations to generate more revenue and improve customer satisfaction.

We’ll dig in and find unique solutions custom-tailored to your location. We’ll work together as a team to deliver results.

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Executive Training

Fixed Up Pro will also help managers understand the key metrics for success.

Fixed operations should ultimately run 90 percent or greater absorption, meaning the gross profit from these departments should cover at least 90 percent of your dealership’s total expenses.

Our number one goal is to increase your fixed absorption rate to cover your total dealership expenses.

Fixed Op Consulting Services


Perform a comprehensive deep dive into your fixed operations.

Complete a 200 repair order inspection to find missed opportunities.

Provide a facility report to determine the amount of gross profit your facility can generate and a capacity report to highlight the amount of gross profit you are currently able to produce.

Perform a complete expense analysis and dig into current pay plans to find areas of opportunity.

Process Development

Work one-on-one with your fixed operations managers to determine your current processes.

Develop world-class written processes that will increase customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and result in increased gross and net profits for all departments.

Build the written processes into a complete training program for current and future employees.

Develop 5-star scorecards for every fixed operation employee. These will focus on the key performance indicators to drive increased satisfaction, retention, and profits.


Provide comprehensive training for all fixed operations employees, including:
- Service, Parts and Body Shop Managers
- Service Advisors   - Estimators
- Parts Personnel  - Dispatching
- Warranty Administration
- Executive Management

Service advisor training videos in three levels are now available exclusively through our partnership with Driving Sales University.

Training can be provided through zoom daily, weekly, monthly, or any timeframe that fits your unique goals and timelines.

Training can be provided by in-dealership group meetings and with one-on-one assistance in each department.


Complete financial analysis that includes health of Service and Parts departments. The final analysis will include an in-depth report accompanied by key areas of opportunity for growth and profit improvement.

Develop and present a comprehensive plan to include processes necessary to meet and exceed benchmarks and goals. Ongoing monthly reports will track performance to monitor and document progress.

Review all fixed operations pay plans and include scorecard reviews, career pathing and professional training.

On-going competitive pricing analysis and website review.

Contact Fixed Up Pro

To improve your dealership’s fixed operations metrics and optimize your processes, reach out to Fixed Up Pro today. We’ll go above and beyond to ensure complete satisfaction.


“I have known Brad Lillie for approximately 15 years and I can’t think of a better or more talented Fixed Operations Trainer / Executive Manager in the dealership. In my 9+ years of working directly with Brad, I have watched him increase CSI and profitability in both high volume metro and smaller volume rural dealerships both domestic and import. He understands the importance of tailor making and implementing proven processes to move the needle. He also knows how to make those processes stick, to help develop a new culture within the department. He teaches a customer first focused walk around process that allows each guest to have a great experience, while increasing dollars per RO and department profitability. He has effectively implemented extended hours to allow increase department capacity and showed us how to be forward thinking by implementing text and video follow up programs. He implemented an effective dispatching process to help better organize our shop for more productivity and utilization. If your dealership needs help implementing, training, or processes I would highly recommend Brad Lillie. There is no better in the business.”

Travis Canady

Travis Canady

General Manager, Jim Hudson Chevrolet