World-Class Results

Fixed Up Pro brings extensive experience and expertise to improve fixed operations metrics at your dealership.

A well-maintained and efficient Fixed Operations department should cover 90 to 100 percent of total expenses for your entire dealership.

Fixed Up Pro can provide you with the necessary tools, insight, and training to optimize your revenue, while also improving customer satisfaction and retention.

Our Custom Fixed Operations Plan

Each Fixed Operations plan is specifically tailored to each unique location to provide process-driven results.

From the initial consultation to hands-on training, we go above and beyond to ensure complete satisfaction.




We perform an in-depth financial analysis of your fixed operations. We identify critical areas of opportunity and improvement.


Process Development

We work one-on-one with your managers to build world class written processes and assist in implementing them throughout all departments. These written processes will become training manuals for future and existing employees.



We provide hands-on, comprehensive training for all fixed operations employees to implement the new processes.



Through an ongoing partnership, we set goals for each department and work one-on-one with your management team to meet and exceed goals as part of our continued training even after the new processes have been set in place.

Contact Fixed Up Pro

To improve your dealership’s fixed operations metrics and optimize your processes, reach out to Fixed Up Pro today. We’ll go above and beyond to ensure complete satisfaction.


"Brad is one of the strongest fixed ops operators in the country.  When I need direction for my stores, Brad is who I call.  Working with him will certainly increase your profitability".

Jared Hamilton

CEO & Founder, Driving Sales